Essential steps to understanding your Information Technology

Essential steps to understanding your Information Technology before move towards cloud

Cloud may not be perfect for everything, but it definitely is relevant for everyone in different ways. I would like to start by saying that most businesses will move away from on premises in the future. Not all workloads from your business suited the cloud, but many companies can and should accept cloud somehow.

First you should know, what is cloud?

There are so many definitions of cloud, and I like to say that cloud is not merely virtualization. Cloud is about high efficiency, economy, scalability, elasticity and doing everything faster and much better.

Users don`t need to wait for a hardware capital expense (CAPEX) process. You don`t need to buy a huge server if you don`t need it now. You don`t need to have available hardware since you just need extra processing maybe two or three time in a year.

Let`s review the following models through which it can be sent out and used:

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

IaaS is a form of cloud computing that provides virtualized computing resources over the internet. IaaS is the delivery of parts/pieces such as hardware, software, data center space, networking and storage.

Platform as a service (PaaS)

PaaS is a combination of IaaS and a set of middleware, software development and use service tools that allow the company to create, develop and send out and use on a cloud up to speed.

Software as a service (SaaS)

SaaS is a business application created and hosted by a service provider and which the end user customer accesses over the internet. In this model, users do not have any action on evironment and the service provider takes care of the whole infrastructure and also the application.

Although, the title of this blog is about moving to cloud, I would prefer saying that cloud is not only an act of moving but also a conversion. For successful cloud selection, you first need to deeply understand your IT requirements by identifying those workloads that will best suitable your target cloud reqiurements while also giving you a consistent return on your investment.

Where do you start?


  • Business Impact

I would not begin with an application that is critical for my business. In the event that you are from a retail part/area, don’t put your purchasing things online first; get more experience before moving that workload. Have a go at moving the less critical computer programs like email servers, intranets, departmental computer programs and that’s just the beginning.

  •  Production compared to advancement and test.

Consider your less basic advancement and test environment initially, additionally consider your production. A decent best practice is to have your test surroundings utilize the same configuration and base that your production uses.

  •  Performance matters

Try not to consider situations that have broad information handling or applications that are extremely execution delicate. Issues with application reaction time can bring your customers to close your applications and move to a contender.

  •  Complexity

Complex engineering frameworks with a few purposes of coordination between applications are additionally not a solid match.

  • Licensing

Try to examine your product merchant`s cloud model and check whether it is unreasonable to transform from a committed model.

  • Service level agreements

In the event that your service level agreement (SLA) is challenging , perhaps your cloud vendor does not support it.

  • Security

Approve if the cloud seller support any directions or security imperatives required from your business.

  • Platform

Running a stage other than Intel? Possibly you can work with a couple of merchants for that. Additionally, check the working framework adaptation required for your application.

  • Data hosting

Depending upon your nation, you are not permitted to have your information outside your nation. Ensure your vendor has a cloud data center nearby.

  • Prepares

Is your application arranged for cloud or do you have to change it? Depending on your situation, changing a Delphi application into a web-based application can take months and be very expensive.

Cloud can be basic, however it is not generally a bit of cake. There are a few focuses that ought to be considered before moving to it. Do not worry; vendors are showing signs of improvement and better at addressing your needs. A support constraint can possibly be settled in a few months and change things.