Cloud IVR & ICT

Cloud IVR & ICT

It is imperative for businesses especially SMB enterprises today to be nimble, agile and competitive, especially in communication with the clients and other stake holders.


We have tied up with Knowlarity Communications, a Cloud IVR & ICT Solutions Company focused on enabling the businesses especially SMB segment to leverage the latest Cloud-based ICT technology to empower companies with marketing automation and communication tools.


Knowlarity has an array of solutions which are as follows:


Super Receptionist

Super Receptionist offers a host of features that make call-handling a breeze. Your callers are greeted with a customised professional message, followed by a menu of options to pick from.



  • Pick Your Number
  • IVR System
  • Greet In Any Language
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • SMS Integration
  • Click-To-Call
  • Multi-Agent Access
  • Call Recording
  • Unified Management
  • Notifications
  • CRM Integration
  • Outbound Calling
  • Mobile App
  • Sticky Agent



SmartIVR is an enterprise-grade cloud communications platform that powers some of the best-known brands in emerging markets. From cloud-based call centers that process millions of calls an hour to lead management systems that integrate in real-time with CRM to community mobilization systems that reach hundreds of millions, SmartIVR has done it all. What’s more, all the complexity of running these massive systems is completely abstracted. All you have to do is just provide your requirements.


  • Customise any call flow
  • Boost Sales & Customer Support
  • Personalize sales and customer support
  • Run 24/7/365
  • Integrate with any CRM or ERP
  • Access thousands of virtual numbers


Other Solutions Offered:



Reach out to the masses with automated voice and text messages. When it comes to reaching out to the masses, there’s no other medium better than the mobile phone. Our campaign management solution lets you get in touch with tens of thousands of people simultaneously through automated SMS and voicemail. Politicians have used this solution to take their promises to the electorate, e-commerce companies have used it for confirmation of their cash-on-delivery orders, market research firms have used it for feedback collection, governments have used it to notify and educate. The possibilities are endless.


Missed Dial

A great solution that lets you verify phone numbers during registration (improving lead quality), sparks engagement during marketing campaigns, allows your customers to sign up for SMS alerts or to opt-in / opt-out of a feature. It works wonders with surveys and polls too, integrates with your CRM, and gives real-time customer feedback. And all of this at no cost to your caller.


  • Verify Phone Number
  • Increase Customer Engagement
  • Get Real-Time Feedback
  • Get More Leads


Virtual Ad Number

You might be advertising virally across the country: billboards, Google Ads, radio, TV, newspapers, and what not. It seems to be working too because your office phone is ringing off the hook. You’d like to replicate this success again when you launch the next product or deal. But, you have no clue which ad media worked and which didn’t. Our Virtual Number solutions have helped companies like Google, IndiaMart and SnapDeal solve this very problem. We can give you 1000s of individual numbers, one for each ad, each center, each location. This helps you track the source of your leads, measure and record them too.


  • Track You Marketing ROI
  • Analyse Call Data
  • Integrate with CRM



It’s that instant calling widget, strategically placed on your website, to help you get in touch with leads while they’re looking you up. When a visitor comes to your website and signs up, by the time you call them back, they are more often than not unreachable. With Click-to-Call, you can connect with these visitors instantly and increase your lead conversion time. As soon as a visitor submits his number, we bridge a call between you and your visitor (numbers registered in NDNC are not dialled). These calls are free of cost to your potential customer.


  • Increases customer engagement
  • Improves lead conversion
  • Your prospect calls for free
  • Increases accuracy of calls


Super Toll-Free Number

We don’t call it Super Toll-Free for nothing. Not only do your customers get to call you for free, they also see an increase in enquiries by up to 40%, according to our in-house research. Use it on your business card, website or in your ads to get more leads. With a bunch of great features such advanced analytics, whitelisting, call routing and welcome greeting in any language, topped with highly competitive pricing, this is a solution that’ll pay for itself.


  • Advanced Analytics
  • Whitelisting Feature
  • Welcome Greeting in any Language


VTI solution

Automate your business, integrate your ticketing system with your business phone system.


Linking your telephone calls to a ticketing system like Freshdesk is the perfect way to streamline your business communication. Ticketix, our voice telephony integration (VTI) solution, helps you integrate telephony with software, and lets you make calls directly from your ticketing system or CRM. It increases usability and accuracy while reducing the average handling time. It also gives you automatic customer lookup and identification for a personalized interaction.


Virtual PPC Number (Pay-Per-Click)

When you spend so much of your time and money on AdWords campaigns in the hope of driving traffic to your website or towards generating more leads, you’ve got to know how well each ad is doing. Our PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Numbers are virtual numbers that you can assign to each campaign so that you are able to track exactly how each one of them fared. You’ll run a more targeted and effective campaign the next time.


  • Track Your AdWords Campaign
  • Analyse Call Data
  • Target Better